Yes, the numbing agent in Pjur Backdoor can desensitize the one who is topping with extensive usage.

Yes, the agent that is numbing Pjur Backdoor can desensitize the one who is topping with extensive usage. It is possible to avoid this using a condom or switching to Pjur minus the relaxant if he could be too responsive to it.

This is certainly a less common question that I’ve been hard pushed to get a remedy to…Is there any feeling GROWING lube or training? Like… secure anal lubes that heat up or tingle or any type of additional sensation? Perhaps I’m simply getting old… we once administered some fluid vitamin D after a cleansing and had been EXTREMELY happily surprised to see a great heat that spread within me personally, though it absolutely was short lived, and it is exactly what inspires me personally to enquire about how many other enjoyable substances or techniques could possibly offer comparable or new backdoor experiences… you can easily consider Pjur Stimulating and Warming Lubes, even though you wish to be careful because sensation lubes may cause some uncomfortable circumstances for whoever is bottoming. It does not hurt to experiment, just be sure that he’sn’t extremely sensitive and painful to the heat that is extra.

All the best! Matthew. I’ve an anal fissure it up again so I stop having anal sex and recently start.

a couple of 12 months ago, we have actually an rectal fissure it up again so I stop having anal sex and recently start. I’ve been with my partner for quite often and now we don’t use condoms. I’m really scared of paint and would cam4 com lt really like something a bit more slippery therefore it’s simpler to get in. Could you suggest the Maximus or perhaps is there any lube you’ll suggest?

We have experienced a complete lot of issues and I know precisely that which you suggest. The most sensible thing to complete is be sure, very first as well as for many, you are exercising good hygiene. Always wash down there with a little finger and water whenever you are when you look at the bath, regardless if it stings. It’ll result in the healing up process get much faster, along with day-to-day cleansing you can easily get actually far at preventing fissures. For lubes, decide to try one thing by having an anal relaxant. Pjur is my most readily useful over all option, but in the event that you set it having a thick, watery lube like Maximus you will observe a huge decline in discomfort. Additionally just just take glance at my article right right here about coping with and avoiding fissures.

We have a little bit of an odd concern, but i am hoping somebody might help. I’ve tried a couple of items within the past and discovered that they generate me personally gag and vomit. I don’t know if their a smell or something else. We also have actually the problem that is same anti-bacterial hand ties in too. So do some of these have odour that is strong? just exactly what lubes perhaps you have tried? Pjur anal lube ( perhaps not analise) is my individual favorite to date. A detailed 2nd all though perhaps perhaps perhaps not geared especially to anal intercourse is WET PLATINUM. We find both have quite low smell but find tidy up only a little extra work utilizing the platinum.

Me an E mail at [email protected] if you are interested in working together please send . Look ahead to hearing back away from you! i do want to have a long (13″) some what dense dildo all the method within my back door and there leave it much longer than 4 hours. just exactly What lube could you reccomed. Presently i personally use Vaseline or oils that are cooking. Hi does your store ship to Singapore? Whats the shipping cost that is additional? Thinking of 2 100ml lube. Many Thanks!