Frida loves to simply simply take unforgettable photos of Ronnie Anne, the same as she does along with the rest of her household whilst getting psychological.

In “Power fool around with the Casagrandes”, to simply help save your self power when you look at the apartment, Ronnie Anne implies for Frida to rather paint pictures than make use of studio lights on her behalf photography.

In “Going Overboard”, she keeps a key from Frida about Carlos teaching her some skateboarding tricks after they got together since she made him promise not to.

In “Vacation Daze”, whenever Frida attempted to paint an image of Maria since this woman is alone she’s gotn’t captured in a portrait, Ronnie Anne attempted to speed up the procedure by scribbling a green face of her photo. Whenever she reported that she will need to restart, Ronnie Anne takes a photo of Maria and provides it to Frida so she can utilize that to paint a portrait of alternatively, which she approves due to the better angle.

In “Copy Can’t”, whenever she worries that Carlitos might not like her since he does not duplicate her, she quickly reassures her that is not the way it is. Whenever Ronnie Anne does finally get her child relative to duplicate her, he eventually ends up planning to be around her more than their moms and dads, making Frida psychological during the looked at her youngest son perhaps perhaps maybe not requiring her or her spouse. In an attempt to back win him, she dresses up as her niece and attempts to behave like her, even though Carlitos has already managed to move on from Ronnie Anne and extends back to their moms and dads.


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Ronnie Anne and Carlota delighted together.

Carlota may be the only woman through the household that treats Ronnie Anne such as a small sis. In “The Loudest Mission: general Chaos”, she offered her in trying on brand new garments and leg depilation, but Ronnie Anne did not like most of those.

In “The Spies whom Loved Me”, Carlota and Carl follow Ronnie Anne nearby.

In “Friended! using the Casagrandes”, it works together to defeat most of the leaflets marketing the apartment for lease.

In “Power Enjoy using the Casagrandes”, she asks Carlota to choose a normal appearance instead than employing coffee meets bagel a hair dryer and curler to truly save energy.

In “Pranks for the Memories aided by the Casagrandes”, she and Carlota come together to prank their brothers and cousins that are male. By the finish for the prank war, they finally have the opportunity to connect with the other person.

In “Lucha Fever with all the Casagrandes”, as she renders along with her household, Carlota informs Ronnie Anne to feel a lot better, despite the fact that she actually is faking become unwell so she will be home more.

In “Operation Dad”, she dresses Ronnie Anne to check such as a punk rebel in addition to getting her a haircut as a right element of her intend to persuade Arturo to stay in Great Lakes City.

In “Trend Game”, Carlota had been excited whenever Ronnie Anne asked her to get her up to speed on all of the latest styles and travel the town while capturing together. The next early morning when her buddies desire to spend time along with her, Carlota ended up being not able to assist due to call home streaming with Sergio. She later texts to her relative of a key celebration at the abandoned subway tunnel, but eventually ends up being an error whenever she designed to text there’s a musical organization in South Bay Tower.

In “Miss Step”, whenever Carlota got hurt, Ronnie Anne took over Carlota’s location to dancing together with her Tia Frida. Whenever Ronnie Anne realized that Carlota faked her damage, Carlota aided Ronnie Anne get injured too.

In “Mexican Makeover”, Carlota accuses Ronnie Anne of stealing her garments.