1988 Mercedes-Benz 190e 2.3 manual “replica”
Php: 1,200,000 or best offer
♦️Evolution DTM Kit from HK 280k worth
♦️Evolution2 Interiors Copy Leather Bucket 100 worth
♦️New Tires Dunlop
♦️Complete Service Records Documented Engine Transmission Suspension 400k plus worth
♦️Donor Cars fresh, I have old pictures before it was painted
♦️ Cromax Dupont Paint by BCCARS for carshow 200k
♦️ Suspension Lowered 20k worth
♦️ Full Headers/Exhaust Stainless 80k worth
♦️Aircon Overhaul for better Performance 100k
♦️Genuine Mileage Documented 80,000+ mileage only
♦️Taxpaid Manila Plate letter U plate
♦️8 years in the making will show proof
♦️I also have another Donor car fresh for sale just pm us
♦️All emblems are complete
♦️No low baller
♦️No issue
♦️No accident history
♦️Donor car was bought 400k 8 years ago because it was very fresh
It’s hard to build another one like this. Better see in person you can compute all the time, effort and expenses
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