βš«πŸ”΄βš« Landcruiser Bulletproof βš«πŸ”΄βš«

Php: 8,900,000

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πŸ“› Bulltproof/Bombproof
(DUBAI ARMORED /One Of The Best Armoring Company)

πŸ“› Runflat Inserts
πŸ“› 4.5L V8 Direct Injection D-4D Twin Turbo
πŸ“› Diesel
πŸ“› Full Time 4WD System
πŸ“› Power Seats
πŸ“› Full Options Land Cruiser
πŸ“›Facelifted New Look
πŸ“› Sport Body Kit / LIMGENE KIT
πŸ“›4 Cameras 360 Full Options

πŸ”΄ We Accept Trade in
🟑 We Have After Sales Service
πŸ”΄ We Assist in Financing
🟑 We Accept indent order (cars & Parts)
πŸ”΄ We also Have Parts and Service
🟑 We Accept Customized Bulletproofing all types of Vehicles